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11/19/1858 I am glad I made the late race. It gave me a hearing on the great and durable question of the age, which I could have had in no other way. Topics: Slavery, Politics
11/20/1858 Douglas managed to be supported both as the best instrument to put down and to uphold the slave power; but no ingenuity can long keep these antagonisms in harmony. Topics: Slavery, Politics
11/20/1858 The fight must go on. We are right, and can not finally fail. Topics: Politics, Inspirational
11/20/1858 Another $blow-up$ is coming; and we shall have fun again. Topics: Politics
11/26/1858 It being my own judgment that the fight must go on, it affords me great pleasure to learn that our friends are nowhere dispirited. Topics: Politics, Inspirational
12/08/1858 I think we have fairly entered upon a durable struggle as to whether this nation is to ultimately become all slave or all free, and though I fall early in the contest, it is nothing if I shall have contributed, in the least degree, to the final rightful result. Topics: Slavery, Politics
12/12/1858 I have an abiding faith that we shall beat them in the long run. Step by step the objects of the leaders will become too plain for the people to stand them. Topics: Politics, Inspirational
01/08/1859 His policy, which rigourously excludes all idea of there being any wrong in slavery, does lead inevitably to the nationalization of the Institution; and all who deprecate that consummation, and yet are seduced into his support, do but cut their own throats. Topics: Slavery, Politics
01/29/1859 Our friends here from different parts of the State, in and out of the Legislature, are united, resolute, and determined; and I think it is almost certain that we shall be far better organized for 1860 than ever before. Topics: Politics, Inspirational
02/11/1859 Is he [youth] not the inventor and owner of the present, and sole hope of the future? Topics: America, Inspirational

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