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11/20/1860 Let us at all times remember that all America n citizens are brothers of a common country, and should dwell together in the bonds of fraternal feeling. Topics: America
11/21/1860 So I think of the whole people of this nation – they will ever do well if well done by. We will try to do well by them in all parts of the country, North and South, with entire confidence that all will be well with all of us. Topics: America
11/28/1860 These political fiends are not half sick enough yet. `Party malice' and not `public good' possesses them entirely. Topics: Politics
12/10/1860 Let there be no compromise on the question of extending slavery. If there be, all our labor is lost, and, ere long, must be done again. Topics: Slavery
12/11/1860 You know I think the fugitive slave clause of the constitution ought to be enforced – to put it on the mildest form, ought not to be resisted. Topics: Slavery
12/13/1860 Prevent … our friends from demoralizing themselves, and our cause, by entertaining propositions for compromise of any sort, on ‘slavery extention.’ … On that point hold firm, as with a chain of steel. Topics: Slavery
12/15/1860 I have no thought of recommending the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia, nor the slave trade among the slave states … and if I were to make such recommendation, it is quite clear Congress would not follow it. Topics: Slavery
12/17/1860 My opinion is that no state can, in any way lawfully, get out of the Union, without the consent of the others; and that it is the duty of the President, and other government functionaries to run the machine as it is. Topics: Law, America
12/18/1860 I am sorry any republican inclines to dally with Pop. Sov. [popular sovereignty] of any sort. It acknowledges that slavery has equal rights with liberty, and surrenders all we have contended for. Topics: Slavery, Politics
12/22/1860 The political horizon looks dark and lowering; but the people, under Providence, will set all right. Topics: Politics

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