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05/13/1862 It is upon the brave hearts and strong arms of the people of the country that our reliance has been placed in support of free government and free institutions. Topics: Inspirational, America
05/13/1862 The thanks of the nation will follow you, and may God's blessing rest upon you now and forever. Topics: Civil War, America, Religion
05/24/1862 Each of our commanders along our line from Richmond to Corinth supposes himself to be confronted by numbers superior to his own. Topics: Civil War
06/01/1862 Stand well on your guard – hold all your ground, or yield any only, inch by inch and in good order. Topics: Civil War, Inspirational
06/24/1862 The secretary of War, you know, holds a pretty tight rein on the Press, so that they shall not tell more than they ought to, and I’m afraid that if I blab too much he might draw a tight rein on me. Topics: Politics
06/28/1862 I expect to maintain this contest until successful, or till I die, or am conquered, or my term expires, or Congress or the country forsakes me. Topics: Civil War, Politics
06/28/1862 If you falter and give up, you will lose the power of keeping any resolution, and will regret it all your life. Topics: Learning, Inspirational
06/30/1862 The loss of enemies does not compensate for the loss of friends. Topics: Civil War
07/03/1862 All accounts say better fighting was never done. Ten thousand thanks for it. Topics: Civil War
07/12/1862 Our common country is in great peril, demanding the loftiest views, and boldest action to bring it speedy relief. Topics: Civil War, America

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