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02/11/1859 A new country is most favorable – almost necessary – to the emancipation of thought, and the consequent advancement of civilization and the arts. Topics: America
02/11/1859 The inclination to exchange thoughts with one another is probably an original impulse of our nature. Topics: Learning
02/11/1859 There are more mines above the Earth’s surface than below it. All nature – the whole world, material, moral, and intellectual – is a mine. Topics: Learning
02/11/1859 Writing … is the great invention of the world. Topics: Learning
03/01/1859 Stand by your principles; stand by your guns; and victory complete and permanent is sure at the last. Topics: Politics, Inspirational
03/03/1859 I do not think there is the least use of doing any more with the Law suit. I not only do not think you are sure to gain it, but I do think you are sure to lose it. Therefore the sooner it ends the better. Topics: Law
04/16/1859 I must, in candor, say I do not think myself fit for the Presidency. Topics: Leadership
04/30/1859 Of course I would have preferred success; but failing in that, I have no regrets for having rejected all advice to the contrary, and resolutely made the struggle. Topics: Freedom, Politics
05/17/1859 I have some little notoriety for commiserating the oppressed condition of the negro; and I should be strangely inconsistent if I could favor any project for curtailing the existing rights of white men, even though born in different lands, and speaking different languages from myself. Topics: Slavery
05/17/1859 Understanding the spirit of our institutions to aim at the elevation of men, I am opposed to whatever tends to degrade them. Topics: Slavery

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