AV-LR442 – Umberto Romano Painting

Umberto Romano

Lincoln Weeps, 1959
Oil on Canvas

As the most well-known American who ever lived, Abraham Lincoln has become as much a symbol as a human being. Artists of all styles and from all walks of life have found meaning in Lincoln’s life and legacy, and used his image in countless ways. In this painting, artist Umberto Romano offers his portrait of the 16th president.

Born in Italy, Romano’s family immigrated to the United States when he was young. He took up painting and taught at the New York Academy of Design. American presidents were frequent subjects of his work and here he renders Lincoln’s face with emphasis on the fallen leader’s sense of grief. Titling the piece Lincoln Weeps, Romano uses the then-new “dribble technique” to convey sadness and loss.

Gift of Clorinda Romano, 1998


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