Call for Proposals
26th Annual Conference on Illinois History

October 3 & 4, 2024
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Springfield, Illinois

The Conference on Illinois History is accepting proposals on the history, culture, politics, geography, anthropology, sociology, or archaeology of Illinois. We also welcome proposals using Illinois history as a lens to understand regional, national, or international issues.

We encourage submissions from professional and amateur historians, educators, high school and college students, digital humanists, and those engaged in the study of Illinois history at libraries, historic sites, museums, educational institutions, and historical societies. We particularly welcome proposals that illuminate the diversity of Illinois history regarding race, ethnicity, ability, and/or gender.

Possible Formats Considered:

Roundtable Discussion: A roundtable is comprised of a moderator and 3-4 panelists discussing a single topic. The moderator facilitates the discussion between panelists while also taking questions from the audience.

Panel: A traditional panel is comprised of 2-4 panelists giving individual research presentations (15-30 minute long—depending on the number of panelists—with 30 minutes for Q&A). The proposal should include presenters and a moderator who will introduce the panelists and facilitate audience Q & A.

Single Presentation: This is a proposal for a single researcher who wishes the conference organizers to place them in a traditional panel.

Teacher Workshops: Teacher workshops should focus on the use of best pedagogical practices and/or innovative strategies to teach any aspect of Illinois’s history, culture, politics, geography, or archaeology. We particularly welcome proposals which encourage the teaching of diverse Illinois history in regard to race, ethnicity, ability, and/or gender. To propose a teacher workshop, please complete this form.

Please submit all proposals to

The deadline for proposals is May 1, 2024.

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