Junior Historians Overview

Future Presidents of America

Each summer, we invite twenty young leaders, ages 13-16, to participate in the Future Presidents of America Youth Leadership Camp. Future Presidents of America is an innovative and engaging youth leadership camp with a mission to develop individual confidence, civic literacy, and good citizenship to reveal the exceptional qualities of character that make for great presidents and great leaders.

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Little Lincoln’s Fireside Tales

Each month, we invite our youngest visitors (0-5 years) and their caregivers to participate in Little Lincoln’s Fireside Tales. This early learning program focuses on reading stories and engaging children in activities and play around a fun theme that changes monthly.

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Art Contest

Each year, ALPLM and the Illinois State Board of Education host an Art Contest for Illinois students, grades K-12. The theme is announced in early fall and entries are accepted through December. This section includes images of past winners and information about the current contest.

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History Detective

Looking for a way to engage your children while visiting the museum? Look no further! Our History Detective activity, free with admission, provides each child with a History Detective kit and allows them to exchange it at the end of their visit for a prize.

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Fun Zone

If you’re looking for fun activities or games, be sure to check out the Fun Zone! You’ll find coloring pages, mysterious spy codes to crack, scavenger hunts, and so much more.

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