Public Comment

The Board of Trustees encourages members of the public to converse with them on topics that are of interest to the Trustees and staff of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum.

The regular form of communication with the Board (by members of the staff and the general public) is either by electronic means or in writing. However, the trustees have developed procedures in compliance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act by which interested groups and individuals may make presentations in person at meetings of the Board.

A request to speak during the public comment portion of a Board meeting must be submitted to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees no later than 8 a.m. three business days prior to the scheduled meeting using the form provided below.

Procedures Governing Appearances Before the Board of Trustees

  1. Requests to address the Board: Requests to appear before the Board to make comments to or ask questions of the Board must be received by the Chairman in writing no later than three business days before the Board meeting at which the individual wishes to speak. The Chairman will review this request and notify the person making the request whether he/she may give public comment at the next meeting. The request should set out clearly the nature of the subject matter to be presented and must relate to matters within the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees. In making a request to appear before the Board, individuals must give their names, email address, email address and submit it in the form below. Substitute speakers will not be permitted.
  2. Time allocation: The Board will allow up to thirty minutes in total for public comment/questions per meeting. An individual speaker will be permitted five minutes for a presentation. This will be strictly adhered to with assistance of a timekeeper. Thus, a maximum of six speakers will be recognized for each Board meeting. Copies of speakers’ comments, questions, and/or other written materials for distribution to the Board of Trustees will be accepted. Where appropriate, responses to questions germane to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum will be provided within a reasonable amount of time.
  3. Scheduling of speakers: When the number of requests to address the Board at a given session exceeds the time available, requests will be approved based on the date the written request was received by the Chairman of the Board. In addition, preference will be given to subject matters that relate to the agenda for the relevant Board meeting and to avoid repetitiveness. Finally, the Board will not hear presentations or entertain questions on the following topics: issues under negotiation as part of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum collective bargaining process; statements concerning the private activities, lifestyles or beliefs of individuals employed by or associated with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum; grievances of employees; proposals or bids for contracts; or, litigation involving the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum.
  4. Scheduling of sessions: The Chairman will preside during Board of Trustees’ sessions to receive public comment/questions. The Chairman is responsible for scheduling such sessions, which normally will occur after presentations to the Board and before voting on agenda items.

Request for Public Comment Form

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