Monetary Donations 

A gift to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is an investment in yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Your generous support helps us find and preserve the treasures of yesterday, educate and entertain visitors today, and inspire tomorrow’s leaders with Lincoln’s incredible example.

Donors to the ALPLM can feel good knowing their legacy is linked to President Lincoln’s. And they can rest assured that their tax-deductible donation will stay at the presidential library and museum to support our work.

Examples of how your generous donation helps:

$2,000 - helps restore precious documents for display 
$1,000 - covers travel expenses for a special speaker
$120 - allows a class of 30 school children to enjoy the museum
$4 - pays admission for one student in a school group....every dollar helps! 

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Collection Donation

You might think that the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library is only about the past, but it's really about the future. The Library's collections on Abraham Lincoln and Illinois & American history will continue to play a vital role in shaping modern scholarship on Lincoln and his times and on the history of the Prairie State.  In addition to preserving the priceless materials already in the Library's possession, new and old books, papers, audio-visual resources, and artifacts will be acquired to bring new light and life to examinations of topics and issues.

Items We Accept

The Library’s focus on collections is centered upon both published and unpublished materials in the fields of—Illinois & American history as well as the life and times of Abraham Lincoln.

Illinois & American history is defined broadly to include politics, culture, religion, business, labor, and family life.  The Library is interested in books and records relating to famous Illinoisans and others less-well-known who were witnesses to history.  Examples of materials the Library seeks include: rare books, personal papers, organizational and business records, bound family histories, prints, photographs, newspapers, and video and sound recordings.

Items are carefully selected for inclusion in the Lincoln Collection.  The Library is interested in acquiring artifacts, papers, manuscripts, and both published and unpublished items associated with Abraham Lincoln, his family, and associates.  This can include material from every phase of the Lincoln story including both his ancestors and descendants as well as their lives beyond the boundaries of Illinois.

To inquire about donations of materials, contact:

Ian Hunt
Acquisitions Chief
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum
112 North Sixth Street
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 524-5939

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