AC-LR100 – Tad’s Cannon

MS-1862.10.14 – Note to Dahlgren

Tad’s Cannon

If anyone in Washington, D. C., knew anything about Thomas “Tad” Lincoln—the youngest of the Lincoln children—it was that he was obsessed with the U. S. Army. If they knew anything else about Tad, it was probably that Abraham and Mary mostly let him do whatever he wanted. Hence, the numerous stories of Tad dressing up in a custom-fit U. S. Army uniform, marching through the White House, and ordering guards around.

Tad’s love for all things military and his parents’ indulgence is exemplified in this cannon. Not a toy but an actual artillery prototype, Abraham received it in response to the request in this note asking for “a little gun that [Tad] can not hurt himself with.” The Navy Yard complied by bending the firing pin and sending the cannon to the White House, where Tad presumably played with it for the rest of the war.

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Capt Dahlgren may let "Tad" have a little gun that he can not hurt himself with.

A. Lincoln

Oct14, 1862.

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