Doorknob and Key from the Lincoln Home

This key and doorknob came from the Lincoln Home at 8th and Jackson. The doorknob was removed and replaced by John Roll, a local brick mason, during the 1849-1850 renovations to the house. Roll kept the key in 1861, when he changed the lock for the renter. Both the doorknob and the key were kept by the Roll family until they donated them to the Illinois State Historical Library in 1993. The constant renovations and expansions done to the house during the Lincolns’ ownership reflects not only a growing family, but Abraham’s increasing success as an attorney and politician.

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Lincoln Home Doorplate

In an era before house numbers, prominent residents would often place their names on the front door so that visitors could easily identify the home’s occupants. This nameplate was stolen sometime after Lincoln’s assassination and was held by various collectors until purchased and returned to Springfield in 1937.

Lincoln home doorplate gift of Jesse Jay Ricks, 1938

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