The Stevenson Room

Opened in 2020, The Stevenson Room is located on the first floor of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library building. It is designed to be an interpretive, multi-purpose boutique-sized space with a design inspired by 19th-century stately library rooms.

It is named for the Stevenson family that provided Illinois with a secretary of state, a governor, a treasurer, and a U.S. senator. Stevensons also served as U.S. vice president and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Former Illinois governor, Adlai Stevenson II was the Democratic Party nominee for U.S. president in 1952 and 1956.

The Stevenson Room’s gallery-like gathering and meeting space features tall, rich oak paneling that surrounds the space where six large cases showcase artifacts recently donated from the Stevenson family.

Two interactive, interpretive components are available for in-depth, engaging content.

The space can be easily converted to a conference room or a classroom presentation configuration for smaller groups. NOTE: this exhibit can only be viewed when the Library is open.

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Stevenson Room

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