To request a copy of an obituary not found in the Obituary Index:

  1. Once logged into your Aeon account, click on Newspapers/Microfilm under Request Copies.
  2. The following fields are required and need to be filled with information pertaining to your request:
    1. 1 person per request! Do not submit 1 request for multiple people!
    2. Title: this is the title of the newspaper you would like searched (you can locate titles in our online catalog or Newspapers on Microfilm Holdings page).
    3. City: this is the city in which the newspaper is published
    4. Date: please put the date of death for the individual or the date of publication if it is from another source. For example, the Denni Hlasatel Obituary Index provides the date of publication for the obituary. Please put that date in this field.
    5. Pages or items selected under Duplication Information: please put the full name of the person with the term obit. If you have an exact citation from another source, you can put the page number in this field. For example, John Doe obit on page 1.
    6. You do not need to fill out volume and publication frequency.
  3. The field Special Requests/Questions can be used to give more information regarding your request. For example, John Doe died in Springfield on 1/1/1919, but lived in Chatham. Staff will check newspapers in both towns if one is available.

Here is how the form would look filled out based upon the above information:

Here is how to fill out the form if you have information from another source, such as the Denni Hlasatel Obituary Index or similar source:

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