2023 Art Contest Winners

Kids drawing of hands making a heart around the world

K-2 Winner: Sebastian 
Age: 7
Grade: 2nd 

For me, home is where I have my loving family. I chose to draw the planet earth because this is where we all live, and we should all love and take care of our home. Home is anywhere in the world, as long as I have my loved ones with me.”

Kids drawing of abstract figures outside of a house

K-2 Runner-up: Eleanor
Age: 8
Grade: 2nd

My picture relates to home because so many people come in it because I have so many family members that live close. And that is what makes it special. And every home is different.”

Kids drawing of planets and stars

K-2 Runner-up: Olivia
Age: 7
Grade: 2nd 

The earth is our home.”

Kids painting of a vase of flowers and the words

3-5 Winner: Hailey
Age: 11
Grade: 5th

This picture represents home because flowers are a common center piece on my dinner table in my house. They have often brought me comfort if I’m having a bad day or calmed me down if I’m panicking. I have flowers in my room and even though their fake they still give me faith. The flowers make me calm. And I think home is trust, calmness, and freedom for these reasons. First off, home is trust because you have walls, a door and a roof protecting you. You can trust that your safe. Home is calmness because you can relax with out anybody looking at you or saying something to you. You can also clear your mind in a quiet space. Lastly, home is freedom because you can do what you want, watch what you want, and say what you want in your own home. You have the freedom to do what you wish in your home. Flowers are my way of representing home and these reason in this picture.”

Kids drawing of two girls standing in front of a house and tree

3-5 Runner-up: Elizabeth
Age: 10
Grade: 4th

Home is...where I find love, comfort, and joy with my little sister Emma.”

Kids drawing of a family room and a Christmas tree

3-5 Runner-up: Annabelle
Age: 9
Grade: 4th 

I chose this drawing because to me home is cozy. I also chose this because to me home is full of family and love. This picture was inspired by my family everyone in my family was supportive and gave me more ideas.”

Drawing of a human heart with a house inside6-8 Winner: Anaya
Age: 11
Grade: 6th

Home is Home. I drew a house inside a heart because...anywhere you go, you will miss your home. You would miss your room, bed, and your sofa. If I am on vacation away from home, I would think about home I would miss it. I also would think about people who don’t have a home or can’t afford one. Those people wouldn’t have a couch or bed. They can’t watch TV with their family in the family room. When I do think about that I appreciate my mom and adad. They worked hard for us to get our house. I am very thankful. So home is important for life. It will hold all our memories that we created. My home will always be in my heart. My heart will hold the memories that me and my family had and will have. My heart will always hold my house.”
Drawing of a young woman floating in space with various objects and bright colors floating around her6-8 Runner-up: Callia
Age: 13
Grade: 8th

When I think of home, I think of being in the comfort of my own interests. This drawing I made is a self portrait of myself. (both girls are me) To explain it, it is me walking into a room full of colors, and a much happier version of myself. Happy me is floating as if I’m on cloud 9 (hint the clouds,) or daydreaming. Floating around me is a purple cloud carrying some of my favorite interests/hobbies. These include fashion, art, music, games, and basketball. The heart is symbolizing my heart speaking to me and telling or choosing my interests as what I love to do. So I chose my interests as my comfort zone/home. - Also if you flip my drawing horizontally the purple cloud my interests are floating on creates an infinity symbol because I love my interests forever! Thank you for this opportunity."
Painting of the words 6-8 Runner-up: Veronica
Age: 15
Grade: 8th

What I feel that home is, sometimes may vary. To me home can be a place that I feel at peace. It can also be a place that a close friend is that makes me feel safe when they’re there. Home doesn’t have to be a set place, to me it can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time. But overall to me home is a place that I cherish.”
Painting of storks carrying different styles of houses in the shape of bags through the sky9-12 Winner (BEST IN SHOW): Lauren
Age: 18
Grade: 11th

Home is where life begins. Home is where life ends. Home is life. There is an old myth that storks deliver babies to families. They deliver babies that carry life to a house. In this painting, I made them carry houses instead, as houses symbolize life. There are different kinds of life – life with a significant other, life with a family, life alone, etc. Whether or not these lifes are joyful, all of them produce their own kind of love. They produce love in different colors and different shapes.”
Painting of cat sitting on bed looking out a window at a cherry blossom tree9-12 Runner-up: Seth
Age: 17
Grade: 12th

This piece is taken from a moment in my bedroom. I had just gotten home from school on one of the first days of Spring, and the flowers all around my neighborhood had started to bloom, filling each lawn with color and life. Everything felt warm and peaceful. When I opened my bedroom door, an array of pink hues burst upon me as my eyes met the large cherry blossom tree outside my window, devoid of color that same morning, now brimming with pink flowers. At the same time, my beloved cat, Lily, ran past me into my room, hopped up on my bed, and took a gander out the window, mesmerized by the new blossoms. To me, that is home. That moment of arriving into a space where the land around you welcomes you in and is happy to have you.”
Drawing of a girl standing in her living room as if she were taking a selfie9-12 Runner-up: Samantha
Age: 16
Grade: 10th

Home is where you are comfortable. Home is your best memories. Home is your family and friend. Home is my living room. I never feel more comfortable than being in my living room. I have memories of my family playing card games together in the living room, opening Christmas presents in the living room, laughing with my friends in the living room. The way I drew my art piece, I wanted it to look like I am showing off my living room because I am. I know I have a place to call home and I’m incredibly blessed. A place to not have to worry. A place to be with your family. A place to have your friends and laugh with. Home is a place everyone should have.”

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