FOIA is the state Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140), records in possession of public agencies may be accessed by the public upon written request. Pursuant to 5 ILCS 140, Section 2 (c), a public record is any records, reports, forms, writings, letters, memoranda, books, papers, maps, photographs, cards, tapes, recordings, electronic data processing records, electronic communication, recorded information and all other documentary materials pertaining to the transaction of public business, regardless of physical form or characteristics, having been prepared by or for, or having been or being used, received, in possession of or under the control of any public body.
Some records are, however, not available for disclosure via the FOIA process; these types of records are described under Section 7 of FOIA, specifically 5 ILCS 140, Section 7 (1) (a) through (y) and Section 7.5 (Statutory Exemptions). Some FOIA disclosures may also be restricted by confidentiality provisions imposed by other state and federal statutes, such as the state Criminal Code, etc. The FOIA process does not supersede applicable statutory or judicial mandates concerning confidentiality, proprietary business/trade matters, a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy matters, etc.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum will respond to all FOIA requests. Your request should include a clear and concise statement of the documents you seek, and your contact information, including an email address if possible. This will help us respond quickly within the timeframe the law requires. Please click here to email your request.

This website information concerning the ALPLM FOIA program is being provided as required by Section 4 of the FOIA (5 ILCS 140/4). This website information may be revised and/or updated in the future.

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