PD in Your PJs: Teaching and Commemorating the Trail of Tears in Illinois

April 15th, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

For the PD in Your PJs series, we invite you to come as you are, drink what you want, engage with the experts, and leave with 1.0 CPDU credit.

In the 1830s, Native Americans were forced to leave their ancestral lands and relocated to colonization zones created by the federal government. Thousands died during this journey, succumbing to the elements and military violence. Today, the Trail of Tears is commemorated from Georgia to Oklahoma, ensuring we will remember and honor the lost. This PD will share a history of the removal of Native Americans and examine the way Illinois has participated in remembering this vital and tragic part of U.S. history. Resources will be provided that can be used in your classroom.

This is a free program, but advance registration is required.

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