PD in Your PJs: How Women Made the Midwest a Democracy

March 18th, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

To celebrate Women’s History Month, the ALPLM is excited to host Sarah Egge, for this month’s PD in Your PJs presentation. By the late-nineteenth century, as white settlers colonized the region that became the Midwest, the emerging states embraced a political culture that included both men and women. Men and women organized separately and together to pursue a host of community-building initiatives. By the early-twentieth century, women advocated for causes as diverse as they were, from temperance to woman suffrage to labor reforms to public health. They were unapologetic, and even sometimes radical, but the values of their politics made the Midwest a democracy.

For the PD in Your PJs series, we invite you to come as you are, drink what you want, engage with the experts, and leave with 1.0 CPDU credit.

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