Facebook LIVE! - Hanging in the Balance: The Battle of Midway

April 21st, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

You're invited to join ALPLM's Director of Oral History, Dr. Mark DePue, for a look back at the Battle of Midday.

On February 15, 1942 Singapore, Great Britain’s Gibraltar of the East, fell to the Japanese Empire. On May 6, the same fate befell the beleaguered American and Filipino forces on Corregidor. The Japanese were triumphant throughout Asia and the Pacific and Admiral Yamamoto now set his eyes east, determined to knock the U.S. Navy out of the fight. The only things blocking Japan’s further advance across the Pacific were three American aircraft carriers, and the determination of Admiral Chester Nimitz. In June, Japanese and American carrier fleets clashed near the tiny atoll of Midway, with the fate of the Pacific war hanging in the balance.

To watch this Facebook LIVE! event, please go to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Facebook page. Then open the page at the appointed time and scroll to the post highlighting the live event. Once you’re there, simply click on the image and watch the live video stream.

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