PD in Your PJs: We Didn't Start the Fire (Bonus Track): Using Pop Music to Teach Contemporary History

April 12th, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

For the PD in Your PJs series, we invite you to come as you are, drink what you want, engage with the experts, and leave with 1.0 CPDU credit.

In Part II of this fun session, Corinne Claycomb, ALPLM Site Interpreter, builds on March's We Didn't Start the Fire: Using Pop Music to Teach Contemporary History to celebrate the artists featured in ALPLM's State of Sound Exhibit. Now that you've (hopefully) started using the listening strategies we shared, we'll discuss how to incorporate the music of legendary artists from Illinois, such as Sam Cooke, Cheap Trick, and Chance the Rapper, in classroom instruction.

NOTE: Participants who were unable to attend the first session will still find content in this session useful.

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