Tales from the Vault

Enhance your daytime event by inviting one of our distinguished historians or librarians to give a 30-minute “Tales from the Vault” educational presentation to your group. The talk includes a showing of artifacts that relate to the topic and time for questions and answers. This educational enhancement can be enjoyed at an in-person or online event.

"Tales From the Vault" Presentation: $250

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Presentation Topics (choose one):

Four Generations of Leadership: The Stevenson Family
From 1879 to 1981 the Stevenson family served their state and country with unprecedented consistency. Stevensons served as vice president, Illinois secretary of state, Illinois Governor, ambassador to the United Nations, Illinois treasurer, and as members of the Illinois General Assembly, U.S. House of Representatives, and U.S. Senate. Learn about this exceptional Illinois family through objects from their many political campaigns.

The Life of Mary Lincoln
For more than twenty years Mary Todd Lincoln encouraged her husband’s ambition, remained his unwavering and outspoken advocate and was holding his hand as he was murdered. See the objects she owned, letters she wrote, and hear the stories that make her the most controversial First Lady in American history.

Lincoln and his Generals
Lincoln had almost no military experience when he became president, but he was almost immediately thrust into the role of commander-in-chief during the largest war the nation had ever fought. See artifacts that shed light on how Lincoln’s relationship with his generals changed over time and played a key role in winning the war.

Lincoln and Leadership
See artifacts that help tell the story of one of our nation’s greatest presidents who began with few advantages though he made himself into a small-town standout, a leading attorney, political organizer, then our 16th president. His people management, hard work, and humor teach us all lessons we can apply to our daily lives.

Lincoln and Science and Technology
Abraham Lincoln had a life-long interest in science and technology.  Fond of gadgets and fascinated with the inner workings of mechanical devices, Lincoln remains the only president to secure and hold a patent.  As commander-in-chief, Lincoln championed new weapons, hoping that innovation would tip the scales in favor of the Union and shorten the war.  Join us for a discussion of Lincoln’s relationship to science and technology and how his commitment to scientific innovation heralded a new era in warfare.

Rare Books at the ALPLM
What qualities define a rare book?  Is it age, value, construction, or something else entirely?  Could it be the story of the book: how it was made or who may have owned it? Join ALPLM’s Reference Librarian Meghan Harmon as she highlights some of her favorite treasures from the library’s Rare Book collection. 

Stealing Lincoln’s Body
It was a comedy of errors that almost led to a national tragedy. Incompetent robbers tried to steal Abraham Lincoln’s body and bumbling officials almost let them get away with it. Learn about the dramatic story and see the actual tools the robbers left behind in Lincoln’s tomb.

What's New at the ALPLM?
New things are always happening at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. An ALPLM historian will show the newest additions to the collection, discuss the new exhibits that have opened and the ones in the works, as well as upcoming programs.

This unique presentation may be added to your event based on historian/librarian availability.

Add this entertaining and educational experience - in-person at the ALPLM or online - to your next meeting or event. Contact us at 217-558-8873 or alplm.rentevents@illinois.gov to learn more or to make your Tales from the Vault reservation.

“Wonderful place to take staff off site. The historian was fantastic. Could have listened to him for hours. Top Shelf especially for Springfield, IL.”

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