Mrs. Lincoln's Attic

Window to Mrs. Lincoln's Attic

Mrs. Lincoln's Attic is temporarily closed for renovations as our team evaluates new opportunities for the space. We are sorry for any inconvenience! 

Learn more about life in the 19th century in this interactive, hands-on children’s exhibit. Under the supervision of their guardians, children are invited to:

  • Explore a cabin kitchen by preparing meals, tending the fire, and completing hands-on chores
  • Test their architecture skills by constructing log cabins replicating those built in the 1800s.
  • Play the home-made games played by children at the time.
  • Try on period-appropriate clothing, including home and formal outfits and military uniforms.
  • Explore a replica of the Lincoln’s Springfield home.
  • Read books about President Lincoln and the Lincoln family.
  • Take their picture with President Lincoln’s families.

Mrs. Lincoln's Attic

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