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Spot welding the sounds of Industrial and Metal music personifies some of the grittiest parts of middle America. Industrial music broke out in the mid-1970s with sparks of Punk smacking up against electronics and ambient Rock n’ Roll. Industrial also was one of the first popular music genres to explore technology as a medium to deliver its sound.

On the flip side, Metal music has some of the most devoted concert and consumer brands in all of popular music. The Metal sound emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s through the commercial successes of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Aerosmith. As described from the album cover in the hit film Spinal Tap, the vibe was “none more black.” Love of American Blues and a bass and drums sound connected nascent Metal artists, but by the late 1970s, anarchy reigned as Metal opened its dungeon doors to Punk Rock, Glam, and even Christian Metal.

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Ministry was formed in Chicago in 1981 by founder Al Jourgensen. Born in Havana, Cuba Jourgensen moved from Denver to Chicago where he attended University of Illinois’ Chicago before becoming a DJ and eventually a respected songwriter, musician and producer.

Ministry is known to have increased the popularity of industrial dance music. Their aggressive sound, synthesizers, and tape effects along with guitars and distorted vocals, are often credited with inspiring many future industrial bands. This included a former Ministry roadie called Trent Reznor who went on to form Nine Inch Nails.

Early singles from Ministry were released on legendary Chicago label Wax Trax records. Six time Grammy nominated and multi-platinum selling artists, Ministry has collaborated with many different musicians over the years.

While Al Jourgensen has also worked on many different projects it can be said that Ministry is his lifetime passion, one that he continues to work on today. 

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Steve Albini
Die Warzau
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult


Dan Donegan’s Guitar from Disturbed

Founding member Dan Donegan started Disturbed in 1994 and they have a world-wide following. He used this guitar during “The Sickness” Tour. It features a graphic from the band’s mascot “The Guy,” which started with that album and has endured in one form or another ever since. 

Courtesy of Dan Donegan

Ministry Stage “Prop” Microphone Stand

Industrial music giants, Ministry, have created scenic centerpiece microphone stands for frontman Al Jourgensen since 1992. This stand was designed and built by Largent studios in 2012 for the Defibrila Tour and graces the cover of the Last Tangle in Paris live record. 

Courtesy of the Private Collection
of Al Jourgensen

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