Celebrating the End of World War II (Legacy of the Greatest Generation)

"Kill or Be Killed" Memories of Combat in Italy (G.I. Experience)

LST400, Campaign for Sicily (G.I. Experience)

Abandoning Ship: USS Yorktown and the Battle of Midway (Navy)

Arsenal of Democracy, A "Rosie the Riveter" Recalls WWII (Rosie the Riveter)

"I Couldn't Sit There and Wait" Doing Her Part on the Homefront (Homefront and Sweethearts)

"I Saw Adolf Hitler in Person"; Henderson's Memories of the 1936 Olympics (Does not seem to fit cleanly into a group)

"Get and Get Fast"; Evacuating a B-17 (Army Air Corps/Bomber Pilots)

"Aid and Comfort to the Wounded"; Vince's Beer Story (Airbourne Beer)

82nd Division Paratrooper Remembers D-Day (D-Day)

"Meat Grinder"; Describing the Falaise Pocket (G.I. Experience)

A Close Call at Bastogne (Airbourne Beer)

Stranded in Holland, A Pilot's Eyewitness Account of a Firing Squad (In Captivity)

A POW's Perilous Trip to a Prison Camp (In Captivity)

"Evil Impossible to Comprehend": Discovering Nazis Death Camps (No easy place to put this one)

A POW's Nightmare Existence on the Burma Railroad (In Captivity)

Proud to be Among he 2,221 Blacks Serving in White Infantry Units (Army, probably)

"What the Hell is Happening?" A Firsthand Account of Pearl Harbor (Navy)

"All Hell Broke Loose": Hitting the Beaches on Iwo Jima (Marines)

A Marine's Memories of Combat on Okinawa (Marines)

"Victory and Peace At Last," Getting Kissed on VJ-Day (Legacy)

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